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In and Out; European 4 in 1 Ripple

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Weave Description
Den of Vipers is segments of European 4 in 1 bands (usually 5 rows wide) where the edge rows form a mirrored inversion along the length of the band. These inversions are rendered stable by, at least, one cell of Roundmaille between segments.

Naming / Citation note: This weave was originally going to be added under the name "European 4 in 1 Ripple" and credited to Karen Karon who recently (June 2023) independently described this weave under that name. In my conversation with her, she pointed me in the direction of Kirk Nelson, whom she later found out had posted this weave much earlier under the name "Den of Vipers". While speaking with Kirk, he informed me that Heinrich Zinndorf-Linker had a version that he had called "In and Out" but that it was never published (and therefore can't be verified at this time).

To my knowledge the earliest recorded instance of this weave (on the internet) was by Kirk Nelson in a photo on Facebook from 2013.

Ring Information

Commonly Used AR(s)
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

Weave Classifications

Weave Class
  1. Transformation
Transformation types
  1. Segmented
Weave Grains
  1. Lean
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Kirk Nelson - Late 2012

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